Be your own boss!

Set your own schedule and hourly rate.

Be your own boss

Set your own schedule and drive with Kater at any time you want. With Kater, you choose the hours that best fit your schedule, so you can make time for more important things.

Drive different cars

Have the opportunity to drive luxurious cars while chauffeuring your customer to their designated location.

Transparent earnings

Submit your own hourly rate, and just like that your bid is available for your customer to review and choose.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make money?

Once you are approved to partner with Kater, you can use your Kater app to bid on trips. You can review trips posted by clients and check your availability to see if you can provide chauffer services for that trip. If you would like to bid on the trip, you simply select the hourly rate at which you would like to work and bid on the trip.

Do I drive my own car?

No, you are driving your client’s car. This means you need not to worry about the expensive maintenance and fuel costs of constantly driving your own vehicle. Less costs means more profits for you.

Do I have to be available to work at all times?

No. As an independent contractor, you can book trips that make sense for your lifestyle. Accept bookings based on your own preferences and schedule. Just make sure you check your Kater app regularly for available bookings.

What if I have a few points on my driving record?

You cannot have more than 4 offences that have resulted in penalty points & no motor vehicle-related Criminal Code Convictions. Additionally you must be 21 or older, have at least a Class 5 license, and have 2-plus years of non-learners driving experience.

Do I get compensated for my travel time to the client's pick-up location?

No. As an Independent contractor, you are responsible for monitoring your expenses; this is one of the few business expenses you need to account for prior to accepting a booking.

How does Insurance work?

Prior to driving your client’s vehicle you need to ensure they maintain adequate automobile liability insurance that protects third parties.